Sale of your jewelry

You want to sell jewelry?

We offer two ways to do that: By auctioning them through our large-scale international auctions, or by outright cash purchase.

Please contact us via e-mail or phone  (0228/263 130, for additional phone numbers please look below) and give us a brief description of what you want to consign.

We give you our expert advice and determine the expected proceeds of your goods with you. That can usually take place at your preferred location. The moment the consignment is handed over to us, it is insured against every imaginable risk.


The ideal way: Your consignment is professionally processed and divided into auction lots in order to obtain the best price. This can be arranged according to your wishes and your approval.

The merchandise will then be presented in our catalogues to an international audience. Our large and affluent clientele ensures the optimum proceeds. You benefit from all bid increases in the bidding battles, for you only pay an appropriate commission on the proceeds.

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Outright cash purchase

At your request we are also happy to make you a cash offer.
The advantages: You receive the payment right away, there is no waiting for the auction results and the accounting to be finished, and furthermore the proceeds are independent of the situation in the auction room. On the other hand, the proceeds from an outright sale are in general considerably lower than the proceeds that can be realized through an auction.

Information video

Our information video illustrates in vivid detail the procedure of the consignment and the course of action during an auction.

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Dr. Reinhard Fischer
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What value do my jewelry pieces have?

With jewelry, it is difficult to generalize to the basics, since there are large qualitative ranges in almost all sectors, depending on the purse for which the jewelry was made.

In principle it is true for many objects that on the secondary market the prices of the primary market can no longer be realized; in casual terms the situation could be compared with the purchase and resale of a new car. The material value of course remains the same, but the amount of work etc. is unfortunately often lost in the sale.

Insurance values are actually always significantly higher than the sales or revenue values, often they are multiplied by the factor 3.5.

Gold Jewellery

The resale value of machine-made gold jewelry of the 20th century is measured almost exclusively by the value of gold, which at the current gold price, limits the loss.

Silver jewelry

With silver jewelry of the 20th century, however, the low price of silver often leads to great disappointment when reselling. However, 20th century design jewelry, especially Georg Jensen jewelry, is a significant exception. High-end products and objects of international luxury brands with all the necessary papers and original packaging often prove to be more stable in value.

Unfortunately, no generalizations can be made about artists' jewelry and unique pieces.

Fashion jewelry

Most of the so-called »fashion jewelry« has no significant resale value, but for a few brands of the first half of the 20th century there is a separate collector's market with quite remarkable prices.

Diamond jewelry / Brilliant jewelry

The diamond or brilliant market is also difficult to generalize, but in principle the following applies: the greatest loss of value in resale is suffered by small stones, since a setting is usually not worthwhile from the dealer's point of view for quantities of at least 0.5 ct. and low qualities, so the classic lady's herring stone is very expensive when purchased new, but is virtually worthless when resold. In principle, internationally recognized certificates are a good sign, since they are usually only available for qualitative stones and also avoid the problem that some settings prevent a precise assessment of the stone.

There are of course other factors as well:

On the one hand, the price of jewelry naturally develops from supply and demand, so that rare objects can often realize better prices than objects that can be found in almost any jewelry box. On the other hand, it is of course more difficult to find a buyer for pieces with a special taste than for objects that appeal to many people. In addition, there is the changing taste of the times:

Garnet jewelry

Garnet jewelry in various qualities is currently coming onto the market more and more due to inheritance, but fewer and fewer young people are wearing garnets and even fewer are buying them, as they are present in almost every family, which leads to low sales revenues, although the market in Eastern Europe is still somewhat better off here.

Pearl jewelry

The same is true for the classic variations of pearl jewelry, especially cultured pearls. In almost every hereditary mass there is an at least double-row cultured pearl necklace and / or the corresponding endless chain, but pearls are considered old-fashioned and unfashionable or are often regarded as mourning jewelry, so that especially for the middle and lower qualities only very low prices can be realized. With Tahiti and South Sea pearls etc., however, the situation is somewhat different.

Art Déco and Art Nouveau

Mourning jewelry, especially with hair ornaments, is currently extremely difficult to sell, whereas Art Deco and Art Nouveau jewelry is in high demand.

For the exact estimation of a jewelry inventory the inspection is indispensable!

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Highlights from past jewelry auctions

Auction 173, Lot 925

Opening bid 1.100 €
Accepted bid 1.800 €

Auction 174, Lot 2425

Opening bid 750 €
Accepted bid 950 €

Auction 173, Lot 1090

Opening bid 200 €
Accepted bid 410 €

Auction 173, Lot 1001

Opening bid 260 €
Accepted bid 390 €

Auction 173, Lot 935

Opening bid 480 €
Accepted bid 650 €

Auction 173, Lot 1103

Opening bid 950 €
Accepted bid 1.100 €