Guide to the live bidding

In our this guide, we explain in detail how you can take part in the auction live from the comfort of your own home and enjoy other exciting advantages of our internet service.

Take part as a live bidder at the auction

No annoying auction orders, no unnecessary paperwork, but a personal notepad, live bidding from home and a good overview of all relevant information of the room auction - our Internet service offers several advantages.

In order to make your entry into the online world as easy as possible, we have developed a guide, which will guide you step by step through our Internet service.

Try it out and start your digital auction experience!

Here you can find our current terms and conditions.

Start right now and bid live!

Please note that a one-time registration is necessary, even if you are already registered as a customer with us. The customer number is not sufficient for the login during live bidding.

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This is how live bidding works:

Technical requirements: You do not need any additional software. A modern browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome Version 10 or higher is usually working. Javascript must be activated. A fast internet connection is required.

Registration: To bid live you must be registered and logged in. Please register early. Please register on our homepage via "Login" at the top of the page. After successful registration, you will be able to bid live. If you are already registered on our homepage, you can log in with your existing account under "Login". There is no need to register separately for live bidding. 

Your bidder number: Once you are logged in as a live bidder on the Live Bidding page, your bidder number is displayed in the middle of the screen, e.g. "You are successfully registered as bidder XXXX". The XXXX is your bidder number and is a number greater than 7000.

Credit granted: With the successful registration you will receive a credit line from us. Lots can be awarded to you up to the maximum limit. You will find the credit limit available to you on the Live Bidding page in the blue box "My Auction" on the right. If this credit is not sufficient for you, please contact us via the link "Increase credit" or by phone. We kindly ask you to send us requests for a limit increase at least one working day before the auction day for which the limit is to apply. You can also reduce the credit limit granted to you yourself. In this case, please select the item "Self-imposed limits" in "My auction" and enter your own credit limit.

The bidding: Each lot is called out individually and after a short time, each lot is marked "Going once", "Going twice" and "Sold" or "Not sold". At the latest at the "Second" you have to place your bid by clicking on "Place bid". Please note that we do not have a clock that shows you the remaining time for bidding. The display "Going once", "Going twice"... can happen very quickly. Due to the large number of lots, a lot can be auctioned off in a very short time. Please do not wait until the end as with other online auction houses. Bid in time when the announcement appears.

The bid amount: The system automatically determines the amount to be bid and displays it. You cannot change this amount.

The acceptance of the bid: You will be informed on the screen whether a lot has been awarded to you. This is clearly visible to you. Even if you were outbid, this is displayed on the monitor.

Audio transmission:  You can also follow the auction live via loudspeaker on your PC and hear what the auctioneer says. Please note that the audio signal may reach you with a delay of up to 1 second. When bidding, pay attention to the display, because only this counts. We reserve the right to switch off the audio during the auction for technical reasons, among others.  Important: Should the sound exceptionally arrive more than about 1 second later, please refresh the page (press F5 in the I.E.).

Further inquiries: If you have any questions about the technique or the procedure we will be happy to help you. Please contact us under +49(0)211-550 44 16

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