Sale of your order or militaria collection

You want to sell medals or militaria?

We buy orders, badges, medals, certificates, documents, identity cards, books, uniforms, blank weapons and Varia from the time of the First and Second World War!

We offer two ways to do that: By auctioning them through our large-scale international auctions, or by outright cash purchase.

Please contact us via e-mail or phone  (0228/263 130, for additional phone numbers please look below) and give us a brief description of what you want to consign.

We give you our expert advice and determine the expected proceeds of your goods with you. That can usually take place at your preferred location. The moment the consignment is handed over to us, it is insured against every imaginable risk.


The ideal way: Your consignment is professionally processed and divided into auction lots in order to obtain the best price. This can be arranged according to your wishes and your approval.

The merchandise will then be presented in our catalogues to an international audience. Our large and affluent clientele ensures the optimum proceeds. You benefit from all bid increases in the bidding battles, for you only pay an appropriate commission on the proceeds.

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Outright cash purchase

At your request we are also happy to make you a cash offer.
The advantages: You receive the payment right away, there is no waiting for the auction results and the accounting to be finished, and furthermore the proceeds are independent of the situation in the auction room. On the other hand, the proceeds from an outright sale are in general considerably lower than the proceeds that can be realized through an auction.

Information video

Our information video illustrates in vivid detail the procedure of the consignment and the course of action during an auction.

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Dr. Reinhard Fischer
Auctioneer and company owner

What is the value of my militaria?

You have inherited medals, decorations, certificates, uniforms, helmets or caps, photos or documents from the time of the 1st or 2nd World War and have no idea what these pieces are worth?

We help you with some rules of thumb:

The most meaningful question is usually about the previous owner. If he invested a lot of money in his collection, the collection is usually worth something, if only small amounts were spent, the value is also only small.

Little worth are normally: Damaged, broken or very badly preserved pieces.

What are militaria?

Militaria is derived from the Latin militaris »soldierly«, »warlike«, or miles soldier. The term militaria refers to historical artifacts that can be associated with the military, military service, soldiering, uniforms, religious studies and war. In addition to the military, items from other uniformed state organizations also fall under militaria.

These are often important historical objects and can be just about anything: Equipment, uniforms, armour, old weapons, badges, medals, orders and badges but also contemporary documents such as certificates, military passes, pay books, military books, regulations, pictures, graphics, regimental gifts, flags and also objects of important military persons.

Many of these objects are considered collector's items due to their historical or antiquarian relevance. Under the umbrella term »Militaria« a large number of individual collection areas are summarized, for example:

  •     military firearms (ordnance weapons)
  •     Uniforms
  •     Uniform effects (epaulettes, collar patch, fabric badge ...)
  •     Equipment
  •     Headgear (steel helmets, pimple hoods, Tschakos, Tschapkas, peaked caps ...)
  •     Badge of Honour
  •     Order
  •     Badge
  •     optical and technical devices
  •     military paintings and photographs
  •     Documents (bestowal documents, military service passports, pay books ...)
  •     Military Books
  •     badges, pins
  •     Medals

Most private military collectors have specialized in one subject area due to the very extensive range of topics, such as German Empire, Weimar Republic, Third Reich or National People's Army.

How valuable are my militaria?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a general statement about the value of militaria of all kinds. Whether old or new, former or modern militaria are valuable cannot be answered so easily. In the field of collecting and also on the sales market, several factors are responsible for the final value of a militaria piece. The rarity or desirability of a piece can often give information about the actual market value. For example, the rank or position within the army or soldier's association can often provide information. High-ranking soldiers or commanding officers have often received higher or more important awards or medals etc. The name or social status (e.g. nobility) can often also be decisive for the value of the object.

In addition, the condition is of course a decisive factor for the valuation. In most catalogs the prices for pieces in »best condition« are listed. The value to be determined then depends on condition, material, frequency of lending and rarity of any manufacturer. In the case of pieces with severe damage, such as heavy traces of wear, cracks, holes, missing needles or enamel damage, the price will naturally be reduced.

The following questions can help to distinguish a high-quality collection from an inferior collection:

  •     Did the collector or testator purchase militaria and/or medals from militaria dealers?
  •     Did the collector buy militaria and / or orders at auctions?
  •     Are there invoices or receipts of militaria and / or orders purchases?
  •     Has the collector bought militaria and / or orders at fairs or stock exchanges?
  •     Was the collector a member of a collector / militaria or war veterans association?
  •     Did the former owner hold a position or even a higher position in the army or today's Bundeswehr?
  •     Are there any award certificates for the orders?
  •     Are cases or caskets available for the orders or badges?
  •     Are blank weapons, daggers, swords, epees or other weapons available?
  •     Are uniforms, helmets or equipment available?
  •     Are reservist mugs, reservist whistles, standards, flags, literature or similar items present?
  •     Are photo albums, paintings, honorary pictures or similar items from the military era present?

As you can see, there are many questions, but even these are not one hundred percent applicable to every collection.

Unfortunately, there are also many collector's items as well as fakes on the market, which have to be recognized and checked. Good collector's items, for example from a jeweler, can also fetch good prices on the market, even though these pieces are not originals.

A fixed valuation and estimate can therefore only be given after a viewing of the pieces or the collection in the original!

Dealing with Militaria of all kinds!

Careful handling is extremely important in order not to unnecessarily reduce the value of found, inherited or even self-collected pieces. Especially with the classic »attic find« of old objects, you should first check the condition of the objects. The pieces should then be stored in a dry place and some of them (e.g. certificates and documents) should be protected from light.

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