Consigning made easy

You want to sell parts or all of your collection or only some high-value pieces?

We offer two ways to do that: By auctioning them through our large-scale international auctions, or by outright cash purchase.


Blick in den Auktionssaal

The ideal way: We give you our expert advice and determine the expected proceeds with you. Your consignment is then divided into auction lots in order to obtain the best price. This can take place according to your wishes and your approval.

The moment the consignment is handed over to us, it is insured against every imaginable risk. The goods will then be presented in our catalogues to an international audience. Our large and affluent clientele ensures the optimum proceeds! You benefit from all bid increases in the bidding battles, for you only pay a 15 % * commission on the proceeds. Special conditions are negotiable for large-scale and valuable consignments, and for suitable consignments we are willing to produce a special catalogue.

Advance payments in an appropriate proportion to the starting price are offered on the basis of interests in line with banking practice.


What to consign? 

Any collection formed with much love and numismatic know-how – no matter if it is a German collecting area or an exotic overseas state. Every consignment should have an expected minimum proceed of 800 €, each lot should have a minimum starting price of at least 50 €

How to consign?

Come personally to see us in Bonn – please make an appointment.

By post: Please advise us of the shipment shortly before so that we can privately insure your merchandise. Inland shipments can be made as postal packages up to a value of 25.000 €; for higher values please negotiate an agreement with us, since a special insurance has to be arranged with the insurance company.

Important notice: Our insurance company requests that the outside of the package must not by any means give a clue as to the contents. That means: Please use only the strict postal address on the package, leave out any mention like »auction house«, »postage stamps«, »coins« or the like!

Consignment at your domicile: An expert of our company will personally come to your home, examine the consignment and discuss all modalities with you. The hand-over of consignments is possible at short notice anywhere in the world, but please understand that the expenditures and the volume of the consignment must be in an adequate proportion (that means for example: no house visit in Buenos Aires for a consignment of 1.000 €).

Outright cash purchase

Blick in den Auktionssaal

At your request we are also happy to make a cash offer.

The advantages: You receive the payment right away, there is no waiting for the auction results and the accounting to be finished, and furthermore the proceeds are independent of the situation in the auction room. On the other hand, the proceeds from an outright sale are in general considerably lower than the proceeds that can be realized through an auction.