Dear customers, dear friends of philately, numismatics and jewelry,

now the last auction of the year 2022 is actually already before the door and you already the annual November catalog in the hands. We would like to thank you dear customers, dear consignors, for the successful year 2022. As always, every auction and its preparation and follow-up gave us a lot of fun and pleasure.

At the beginning of this catalog, Dr. Fischer, in his foreword to our 189th auction, informed you about the merger of the auction houses Dr. Reinhard Fischer in Bonn and the auction house Ulrich Felzmann GmbH&Co.KG in Düsseldorf. We are very much looking forward to working together in the near future and to learning from each other and growing together.

Of course, your known contact persons will continue to be available for you in all known ways (by phone, by mail, by post). Nothing will change in the current auction process either. If you would like to attend our auction in person, we will be happy to reserve a place for you. The same applies, of course, to the viewing.

If you do not have the opportunity to view the lots in person, we will be happy to provide you with a better picture of the goods by means of scans or copies made by us. Of course, our clerks are also available and will gladly give you descriptions by phone, Skype or Whatsapp-VideoCall.

Participation in the auction is still possible in writing, by fax or via our homepage. Of course, you can also bid by telephone, as usual, after prior registration.

Of course you can also bid live!

For further information on live online bidding, please refer to

We are very much looking forward to your participation, be it in writing, by phone or in person. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Dr. Fischer, as of 01.12.22 you are now the new managing director of the Felzmann company in Düsseldorf. How do you feel about being able to announce this great news?
Very proudly. After all, the Felzmann auction house is now a traditional house with an impressive history. When I think about the collections that have been auctioned or built up through the Felzmann auction house in its almost fifty-year history, I almost get a bit of awe.
Are there also challenges in expanding in these now rather difficult times?
After all, one gets the feeling that the crises are never-ending. But philately and numismatics have come through these crises well so far, and both auction houses have been very successful, especially during these crises. It is also always a nice feeling to overcome such challenges.
What is your long-term goal with the two auction houses, or the classic application question: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
As the owner of two companies that will then hopefully be even more successful than they already are today.
Will you be a commuter from the Rhineland in the future?
Yes, you could say that. In the near future, I'll probably be in Düsseldorf half the week. Fortunately, it's only an hour's drive. Even if there are other rumors: the Felzmann company doesn't have a company helicopter (laughs).
Last but not least: What are you looking forward to the most? 
What I'm looking forward to most is finding out some of the secrets of the Felzmann company. So something like the Coca-Cola recipe that was supposedly kept secret. There are also a lot of interesting things lying dormant in the archives. Uli Felzmann, for example, showed me leftover counterfeits from a large collection that he was allowed to auction off. In each case, an examiner was duped and issued a certificate. If the pieces were genuine, they would have been worth millions.

Kind regards from Bonn

and the team of the auction house Dr. Reinhard Fischer 

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Dr. Reinhard Fischer
Auctioneer and company owner